Hotel Hidden Delight

Hotel Hidden Delight wishes to welcome and give guests the very spirit of hospitality and whether a visitor wants a time of peace and privacy or is looking for energy, a friendly environment in a very pleasant place away from home, Hotel Hidden Delight can stay.

Our goal is to engage our guests and provide them with the best possible experience through a friendly, enthusiastic and humane service in the best possible environment, comfortable and acceptable.

Whether you are on a business trip or an escape from the hustle bustle of the city life, we offer a combination of luxurious technology and simplicity. Our king/ queen double rooms are well equipped with telephone, air-conditioning and modern amenities including complimentary WiFi. Hotel Hidden Delight offer luxury amenities, a standard location, an in-house restaurant and an over-the-counter guest service maintained by 24-hour hotel staff.

Our mission as a company is to provide peace of mind, consistency and to build trust based on the value of our relationships with guests. We strive for diversity and a place you would like to return to for your next visit to Rishikesh. Our vision is to stay ahead of the competition by developing and meeting the changing needs of our guests by continuing to innovate. With this in mind, we are constantly collecting and enjoying feedback from guests and staff and exploring new ideas and ideas.

Our employees are enthusiastic, welcoming, loving and respectful of hotel guests. Inspired service is what we expect and trust from our employees. They are ready to get to know our guests allowing the staff, to create a customized service that can bring the hotel closer to building the loyalty of guests.

Hotel Hidden Delight is located in the main area of ​​Upper Tapovan. Surrounded by panoramic views, majestic peaks and the warm embrace of nature, Hotel Hidden Delight offers you a peaceful getaway in Rishikesh. Experience the magic of a quaint ambiance led by unbeaten trails. We believe in creating memories to be cherished forever.

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